Ongoing Projects

Operation Red Alert

Green Life is now associated with the “Her Choices Foundation” to implement the Operation Red Alert program in the Rangreddy District, which is an awareness program on “girl child trafficking” and it is to alert the villages in which the awareness programs are conducted to children in the schools, mothers, fathers, village elders, Anganwadi teachers, school teachers, police and village youth. Films are shown to the stakeholders on trafficking and its consequences. Toll-free number is circulated to all the stakeholders by handing over a handbook and the victims or the affected children will call the toll-free number and the problem is solved through the concerned authorities like the police & others.

POPI – Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)

Green Life is promoting “ Amaragiri Fisheries and Agro Producer Private Limited Company and it has supported the tribal fishermen to form a group and make them register an FPO to carry out the transactions & business under the FPO. The tribal fishermen belong to “Chenchu Tribes” living on the banks of Krishna River Back water at Mahboobnagar District of Telangana State.

Green Life is supporting them in marketing, value addition, capacity building, linkages, availing government schemes, thrift & credit, and so on. Green Life is planning to promote one more FPO for NTFP in the Achampeta area.

Labour India (Rural Labour Exchange)

The project supported by AID, an NGO, innovates in developing a website & mobile app, which will be accessed by the employers & also the rural laborers, where both of them register on the website & app, by providing their details. Employer provides the number of people required, wage details & other benefits and Labourer provides their requirements of wages, number of people available & other facilities. The organization verifies the credentials & genuineness of both sides and approves to display of the details in the app and Initially, Organization supports the laborers to enroll them in the work, and follow-up visits are done. It is ensured that the employer follows all the labor laws & benefits for the benefit of laborers. The project even supports the laborers in accessing the 24×7 Helpline and will be attended to at any time.

GarveSe Center (GSC) – Swashakti-Rural Livelihood Program

GarvSe Center (GSC) is a nodal center that strengthens the livelihood ecosystem of PwD through collaborating with stakeholders such as local Government, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Skilling partners, Volunteers, Parents of PwD, Employers, and any other relevant stakeholders to leverage their expertise and support for providing livelihood opportunities for PwD in the region.

Green Life is operating the program in four districts of Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Nalgonda, and Yadadri Bhuvangiri

Promoting Afforestation – Urban Micro Forests

Miyawaki method has been successful in restoring biodiversity, inducing microclimatic changes, and increasing groundwater levels. The project is being carried out at Aushapur Village, Ghatkesar Mandal of Medchal Malkajgiri District