Grameen Associates

Grameen Associates has emerged as a marketing & sales organization for the rural people, to capture the huge lapse in the marketing of their genuine products and those who are unable to market their products.  Grameen Associates also focus & work on reviving the traditional value of rural products and enhancing their economy.

Grameen Associates identified many rural products which have good demand in the urban market or even in other up markets, but still, the rural communities depending on such activities are not making sufficient money to meet their ends, due to lack of marketing & sakes knowledge. They have been exploited by middlemen or brokers or mediators. They are helpless, due to not having marketing support, financial support, and updated technology

Grameen Associates is on the hunt and already developing a few products like broomsticks, honey, incense sticks, mosquito repellants, etc,. and they are ready to hit the market. Grameen Associates, as such, focuses on Telangana State and is likely to spread its wings in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Grameen Associates is in the process of fulfilling the legal aspects to do the business transactions and will not be having any hindrance in placing the products on the market. Grameen Associates is having its office in Hyderabad and contact offices in Chennai & Vijayawada.