The Indigenous people around the world, before they made a major decision, used to sit around and ask themselves, “How does this decision affect our people seven generations ahead” . Jane Goodall

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. …

Tribal are mainstreamed economically and ensure socially inclusive through identifying their knowledge, capacities and accessing social entitlements by making them to overcome ignorance, exploitation, discrimination and dependency


Tribal women who are involved in manufacturing or processing the rural products, are lacking marketing facilitation and this became an opportunity to middlemen, who exploits the women. So, we took the responsibility to facilitate marketing on behalf of those women. We design the product and also the packing for the same to overcome the competition. The objective of the activity is to increase the family income, particularly to provide livelihoods to the tribal women. Our Organization is spread over in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

 As such, we have taken the following products Broomsticks, Ajwain water, Agarbathi, Coconut based products, Bamboo based products, Honey, Medicinal and Aromatics Products (MAPS)

Tribal Women Empowerment

Green life is a having working experience with Self Help Groups in almost all the districts. Since the inception of Self-Help Groups in the rural villages, many of our team members are closely associated in the evolution of the concept in the rural villages and also were part in bringing up best practices in the groups. Trainings to members were one of the core areas of facilitation in every aspect right from group management to book keeping. Entrepreneur Development Program, which was later evolved in the state and the same, was equipped by our team.  So, the nature of working environment, gaps that prevails, lack of value chain analysis, existing demand, operations of SHG’s and VO’s and the bank & marketing linkages are well studied by our team members. Our Team members experimented some of the rural products that still being successful in the targeted villages

There are about 550 tribes in India. According to Census-2011, it is 8.6% of the total population of India

– Cindy J.